Jeremy Occhipinti is a passionate educator, book writing coach, singer-songwriter, and the author of the book Ain't That a Miracle? An Unlikely Journey into Music and Meditation.

He is well-known for his original English and Sanskrit-style songs. He has written and recorded five music albums and has performed his unique concerts in diverse locations, including international schools in Asia, the Middle East, and the US.

Jeremy joyfully celebrates life, spreading his message of human values worldwide through music in yoga studios, churches, temples, schools, restaurants, and coffee shops. Jeremy has participated in the World Culture Festivals in India and Germany.

He is now on a mission to help others manifest their dreams and live a more balanced, productive, and successful life. Many people have benefitted from his twenty-six years of experience in spirituality, his love for music, and teaching, combined into a robust life-transforming set of spiritual tools.

Jeremy has volunteered with the Art of Living Foundation for over twenty-six years and enjoys teaching the SKY Breath Meditation course. He also helps entrepreneurs write and publish their books to boost their businesses.
Jeremy will be on his Music and Meditation Tour this summer; stay up to date with all the tour dates here: